55 Gunn Rd
Southampton, MA 01073
May 12, 2013
We at Birdhaven Blueberry Farm welcome you to our 2013 season.


For those who want daily updates 
Birdhaven Blueberry Farm is on Facebook all you have to do is "like" us. There are always interesting stories regarding my customers.  Please read "Romance at the Farm".  when you visit Facebook.

Store times:
Friday-Saturday 9AM to 5PM
Sunday 9Am to 3PM

  • Berries : Frozen berries at $4.00/LB FOR A 3#BAG OR FOR THE BEST PRICE A #30 Lb. Box for $110.00 at 3.66/Lb. These berries are the wild ones from Maine and they are low spray.  Delivery is free within a 20 mile radius of Northampton, MA                                   
  • Leaf and Grass Clipping Recycle:  The farm is open for leaf and grass clippings collection.   Drop off Days..Friday thru Sunday 9AM to 5 PM.  $3.00/car load and $6.00 and up for trucks and trailers.  I will also pick up your bagged leaves At $2.00/bag
  • Home Made Pies  and JAMS   Baked or frozen, but call ahead for your order.  Many of you prefer baking at your home because of the fine baked pie aroma.
  • New......Blueberry Pie Filling; The secret to our great tasting Blueberry Pie is in the filling.  Filling can be used not only in 10 inch pies but as toppings, parfaits, and on pancakes.  So get grandma's pie crust receipe out or buy ready made crust from your grocery store.  Home made will reach new meaning when you smell that fresh baked pie aroma. Please call 5274671 for your order.
  • New...FREE seasoned Kindling blueberry wood for your wood stoves or fire places.  Take it away........ it is in a big pile just before the Blueberry Field.
  • New.....Dig your own Perenials, no charge but donations will be accepted.  Starting this season there will not be PYO flowers.

For your convenience we have and email invoice system by  PayPal (you can use any credit card)  It works good.  I tested it out.....sent Silvia a bill for $1.16 via email.  Instead of pushing the pay button she pushed delete.  

The link is to my email and I will confirm your order or answer any question!